Blanche Murninghan is up against
land-grabbing goons on Santa Maria Island.
A murder. And a hurricane … How can so
many things go so wrong, so fast?

Launched in 2020, first in the new mystery
series from Light Messages Publishing.
Saving Tuna Street was a finalist for the
Foreword INDIES mystery of 2020.

What could set off Blanche “Bang” Murninghan more than finding a “new” mummy?

Blanche heads to Vietnam to search
for the living – and face her past.

(June 2022)

The air is tense. There’s a big blowup. Escape is around the corner. But freedom is as elusive as a dream.

“The heartwarming story of a writer’s discovery that the aging process – and life in general – can be tragic and wondrous, all at once.”

~ Kirkus Reviews

Short Stories

Nancy Nau Sullivan’s storytelling includes mystery, memoir, and a new novel. The Blanche Murninghan mystery series is on a roll:  Number One, SAVING TUNA STREET. Next up in the series, Foreword Reviews says, “The flavors, colors, and history of Mexico are a vibrant backdrop for TROUBLE DOWN MEXICO WAY, a funny, fish-out-of-water mystery novel.” MISSION IMPROBABLE: VIETNAM: June 2022. Blanche plans to continue the adventure in Ireland, Argentina, and Spain. Nancy’s first book,THE LAST CADILLAC: A MEMOIR, details a harrowing chapter in her life as does her new novel, THE BOYS OF ALPHA BLOCK.

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Nancy Nau Sullivan

Born in San Francisco, Nancy grew up in the Midwest and worked in publishing in New York following graduation from college. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Marquette University and was an editor and writer at newspapers in the Midwest. She later taught English at a boys’ prison, in Argentina, and in the Peace Corps in Mexico. Nancy now lives in Northwest Indiana.

The Last Cadillac: A Memoir is her first book, winner of two Eric Hoffer awards. Her new mystery series, launched with Saving Tuna Street, was a finalist for the Foreword INDIES mystery of 2020. Nancy also has a new novel, The Boys of Alpha Block. It tells the story of a woman who teaches in a boys’ prison and gets caught up in their escape plan.