“The chosen family dynamics of island life are a highlight of the cozy mystery Saving Tuna Street, and greedy profiteers are its villains.”

~ Foreword Reviews

Saving Tuna Street is more than just a murder mystery. It’s about the injection of special interests into a community’s makeup, the changes experienced by those who confront adversaries who will do anything to achieve their goals, and a lone woman who faces murder, a community’s disruption, and kidnapping with equal courage.

Blanche Murninghan’s life on her beloved Santa Maria Island, Florida, turns into a nightmare when the real-estate goons swoop in and begin taking over the quaint cottages–including her cabin on Tuna Street. When her friend is murdered, Blanche sets out to make things right and stumbles into a pit of greed, money laundering, and kidnapping. She’s survived a storm or two, but this might be her last.

Sullivan builds the connections between community members with an eye to exploring the different ways they grow and change as events progress and become more serious.

The result is a mystery which incorporates many elements of psychological transformation, investigative skills development, and changing community makeup. Saving Tuna Street will initially draw readers with its mystery theme, but injects broader subjects and concerns to keep readers guessing and reading until the story’s surprise conclusion.